At MARPRO, we have specialized in finding profiles with a maritime background for permanent employment at relevant companies. Now, we are introducing a division acting as an employment agency between our clients and freelancers, consultants and one-man companies.

Lately, we have received several inquiries from freelancers / consultants / sole proprietors, if we can help them finding work. At the same time, several of our customers have shown interest in flexible assistance, which can be settled on invoices.

It reflects a recent trend toward increased flexibility in the labor market, contracting with consultants when labor is needed, but not hiring them.

We are therefore interested in hearing from you if you have decided to leave permanent employment or are already working like this and you want to offer your assistance as a freelancer / consultant / sole proprietor.

If you are interested, you can upload your CV - and in cover letter please write your hour / day rate and describe what areas you are interested in working with.